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In this post, I am going to talk about the Crawl Errors within the Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors 2017


Okay, so why are those Crawl Errors so important?

Some of you might already suspect that “If you have plenty of errors within Google Webmaster Tools, your page rank will be affected”.

Well, you are right.

Now, what exactly are those?

Well, those errors may be there for a lot of reasons.

The most usual error, from my experience, is the 404 error. This means that somewhere during the lifespan of my website, I either decided to link to a post that doesn’t exist yet and that I forgot to create it or I decided to link to a post which existed, but somewhere during the line I decided either to change the URL of the post for a better keyword or to even delete the post.

Now, whenever Google’s bot crawls your posts and pages, it will go through your inner links. Whenever it doesn’t find the page, it will generate this error.

In order to see exactly what’s your problem click the double arrow and your screen should look similar to mine.

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors


As you can see, all of my errors are 404 – Page not found.  Before you try to fix any other type of error, start with those since they are the easiest to fix. Now click on an error.


Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Error 2018


A popup should appear. As you can see it says a few general things about the type of error. What you need to do is to click on the Linked from tab. Here, it will show all the pages where you have this URL which leads to a non-existent page.

Take all of them one by one and search on the page where that inner link is. Make sure to check the comments as well!

*Sometimes it might not even be there. It might be an old error and without realizing you either created the post in the meanwhile or you might have deleted the link. You need to Google fetch on a monthly basis in order for Google to check once again what is the situation of your content!!

When you’ve checked and solver all of the occurrences, click on Mark as fixed.

It might take you some time in order to fix all of them. I am not sure how many errors is “acceptable”. However, I always aim to have as close to 0.

Don’t even worry if you have like 100 errors or more. I had the same the first time when I looked at Webmaster Tools. I took a day off and I just started to fix all of them!

Got any questions? Make sure to share them with me below in the comment section! Cheers!

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