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In this post, I am going to discuss about core links.

Now, what exactly are they?

Well, in the most simple terms, a core link which sometimes is referred as an inner link is a link that you can insert into your post or page and which will land to another post or page of your website.

Yes, simple as that.

So, why would you have those links?

Well, you can simply leave a link in order to show additional information to your visitors. For example, if you have a post about a particularity of Quantum Physics and someone joined your website and has no idea about quantum physics, then you can leave there a link to your post where you discuss about quantum physics.

Usually, website owners use this trick in order to create and publish more posts. Instead of writing a long post of 10,000 words, they can choose to divide that post in multiple posts in order to be able to target more Keywords.  As I mentioned, it usually is recommended to target only 1 keyword per 1000 words post.

Targeting multiple keywords it is not the sole benefit of creating multiple posts than just one. The search engines put high accent on those core links. And with this simple trick, to create more posts than one and to link them to each other, you end up in creating a great core link.

So, what you need to understand is that if you have a lot of core links on your website, you will get ranked better. However, don’t spam with those core links. Remember that you write content for your visitors and not for the search engines.

If you take it too literally you will end up in having only inner links within your post. No visitor will stay more than a few seconds on your website.

Usually, I put around 4-6 inner links within a 1000 word post/page. Don’t have enough posts to link them together?

Let’s say you review Headphones X. Well, you might have another review of Headphones Y and another of Headphones Z. However, for some reason, it doesn’t really matter, you don’t want to put an inner link in your Headphones X review that will take people to Headphones Y or Z.

What can you do in this particular case?

Well, whenever you mention Headphones X, you can hyperlink the text and create an inner link to that review. It still counts as an inner link!

Example: Headphones X.


However, don’t exaggerate. If you write Headphones X for 30 times, don’t put 30 links. Put 3-4-5 inner links at maximum :).

Don’t know how to hyperlink? Click here.

That’s all on core link. Got any questions? Share them with me below :D!






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