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Tired of writing content on your own? Why not get help with it?

One of the most exhausting things when it comes to having an online business monetized by affiliate marketing or having a blog or promoting your business through Social Media has always been writing content.

Therefore, besides creating websites and selling SEO services, I’ve decided to also sell services such as content writing and Social Media administration.

Why would you want to buy those services?

One of the main reasons why this can cause you problems is the fact that you don’t like the subject you are writing about. As I mentioned for people that took the Online Business Guide, the most important thing is to write about something that you’re passioned about. Not doing so, it might make it feel like a job and by nature, we hate working.

Another reason why would you need to acquire content is the fact that you don’t have enough time at your disposal. In the first months you might not experience this, but if you decide to give it your best and to become a millionaire, with time you will need to increase your publishing frequency. Even if in the first months you will post twice or three times a week, there will come a time when you will need to publish five, six or even seven times a week for a whole month. Of course, the results will be satisfactory as well.   But how many of us have that much time in order to keep creating 5 posts a week, every week?

Another reason might be that you are not a native. Many people lose their audience due to poor writing and by making lots of grammar errors in their pages and posts. Of course, this can be easily solved with a proof reader, but there are many times when a freelancer that proof reads has no idea what you actually meant in that post or page. Therefore, writing a post great from the start would be more convenient.

Or maybe you get tired of writing 10-20 posts on the same subject. I experienced this and sometimes to tell the same idea with different words in 10-15 posts just to target different keywords might become annoying as hell.

Last reason would be that most of us might not realise what we’re doing wrong when we create posts. I am sure that you have a few posts or pages on your website that don’t generate conversions. Until you won’t get feedback

Buying those services in order to succeed are not mandatory at all. I already have a few posts on Quality content in order to help you to deliver great content.

Unfortunately, buying those services won’t be available in the next two weeks. I am still working on building the packages. Therefore, if you have any features that you would like for me to add in the packages, make sure to share them with me in the comment section below!


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