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Today I am going to show explain you what is click bait. Some of you might already know, but there are still people who don’t know what does click bait mean. I will also tell you why is it good or bad to use it.

A simple click bait definition would be this one: A click bait is usually a Facebook title or a Youtube video title or any title that people make it sound tempting such that it would attract more visitors.

Note: Beware that in more than 95% of cases, what they are telling in the title is not true.

Note: In some cases they don’t even discuss in the post/video what they wrote in the title.


Normal title: Check out those 3 make money online methods that I trust.

Click bait: Click here and see how I made thousands of dollars a month with those 3 simple methods.

The whole purpose of a click bait title is to make more people to click on the link and get redirected to one’s website or Youtube video. Usually those websites are monetized by Google ads and when someone clicks on it, they will get money. Therefore, it is normal for those website owners to want to have more visitors on their website.

Click bait headlines can be encountered in many places. However, the most popular are encountered of Youtube and Facebook. If you use youtube for a while, I am sure that you encounter those videos where the title says something really interesting and when you click it, you discover that it is not even related to the subject.

For example, I usually go to youtube to watch what happens in different TV series. Almost all the time I found episodes on youtube than didn’t even aired. Whenever I click on them, there is only one image running which most of the time tells me to visit their website in order to watch those TV series episodes.  This is a pure example of a click bait advertise.

On Facebook I am pretty sure that you saw those images along with a catchy title and once you clicked on it and got redirected, you realize that the post you are reading isn’t even related.

So why you should not use click bait while promoting your website?

Indeed it is true that more people will come visit your website than at a normal title, but I believe that only 10% of those people will remain and read your post. Out of those 25% I believe that only 5% will click on your Google ads.

Once people realize that you are doing click bait, it is very possible that they will unlike and unfollow your Facebook page or Youtube channel. People hate seeing that they have been tricked. So click baiting is a really simple method to diminish your audience.

You will lose your audience’s trust for gaining some pennies. Indeed, I saw many websites that were earning from $2000-5000 a month from Google ads. However, you will gain from $0.03 to $0.10 for a unique click on those ads. What if that visitor could provide you a lot more than a simple $0.03 cents? What if you could recommend him a product or a service and it would bring a minimum of $5?

You are losing precious money from Google ads and also precious customers. Check out my post on Affiliate Marketing in order to learn more about how people succeeding in earning between $1000 to even $120k a month.

Note: Click bait title is not almost the same with fake stories. Check out this post here in order to learn more about fake stories.

That’s all folks! This is what is click bait and those reasons is why it would be a downfall for you website. Have any other questions? Ask them below!

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4 thoughts on “Clickbait content

  1. So click bait is a way of grabbing attention from a person and directing them to completely irrelevant information? I have come across links on Facebook similar to this yet I have always been skeptical of clicking because I’m concerned of viral infections to my devices. I like to know where I’m going to end up so if I see an interesting caption I’ll usually do a google search on it before linking through any social media.

    I completely agree that these methods are taboo and should not be used on my personal marketing platforms. I believe that people are going to be more likely to access my websites if the caption is written with optimized marketing for that subject and they are going to be more trusting of my future posts if I avoid this click bait technique. It’s completely misleading.

    1. You don’t have to worry about a malware virus. They do this in order to get more and more clicks on their website and to hope that their audience will click on their listed ads. 🙂

  2. There are many reasons why some people use this method. The most obvious one is to generate traffic to a respective web page or facebook post/page.
    Doing this will only increase the numbers on their analytics and like you said there is no real valuable gain from it. This is what is called black hat method to rank a website.
    In facebook case is a little more complicated. Since facebook has some powerful metrics available to almost everyone, clickbaiting can gain a person some. For examples you can see what kind of audience tends to bite 😉 For sure you will get some reactions to a clickbait FB post and that’s what you want if you advertise on FB. Of course you can get reported and have your wet dream shattered, but hell, you will have your glory :))

    These kind of methods to attract attention are a cheap and risky way to promote/rank your business online.
    That’s why you should always go for organic traffic if you really want to be successful. Yeah, it takes longer and it requires a lot more work, but in the long term it will worth it.

    Btw, I use firefox with NoScript addon for more than 10 years now and that helped my PC and my privacy stay on the safe side.

    1. Greetings John!

      Thanks for the comment! I truly appreciate it! Indeed, you are right. They can create 10 different posts and run Analytics in order to see what kind of post attracts them more and after that to create an ad campaign for another website. I never thought of that :). Thanks for pointing it out.

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