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  1. Great informative post Andrei. I was looking for a way to make a quick logo for my kid’s project and this would work great! Thank you so much for the simple to follow instructions and screen shots. I am a visual person. It was very easy to follow.

  2. Hi Andrei,

    Thank you for review of the Flamming Text site. Coming up with a logo for my website is always a problem. Most sites want to get paid for the simplest design.

    I like the fact that I could do a couple of different designs from this site and test them to see which works best on my site.

    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Brendan!

      Well, that issue holds me back for a while too. Whenever I asked people how to obtain a website logo, they would usually suggest me to hire a freelancer or they told me to get it from a website that was asking for payment. Most of them were doing this in order to obtain a commission from me. I am glad that I found this opportunity online.

  3. Hi, Andrei
    Great information. Exactly what I needed and I was thinking about a logo for quite some time. Now I know where I can do this. Thanks a lot! I just need to choose the right style, colors and I would have a nice and beautiful logo.

    1. Hi Linda!

      I am glad that my information came just in time! Let me know which style you liked the most :D.

  4. Thank so much for the information. I was wondering how to make a business logo and you broke it down is simple, easy to follow steps. If I run into any problems I’ll be back for help. Again thanks for the info!!

  5. This is an awesome post and very informative, It is just so amazing how easy it is to obtain a website logo. I will try Flamming text right away. How did you add that website visitor counter? Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Norm!

      Thank you for your feedback! Hmm, I am going to create a post on that too and it will out in a few weeks. Until then, I encourage you to take a look at my Training section in order to find out more tips for your business.

  6. Hey thanks a lot for sharing this, my website has been up for like 5 months and I still don’t have a logo or a header image. It was as you said, I thought it would be complicated, I’ll try out the website you posted here and hopefully I’ll have a cool looking logo soon xD

    1. Hi Lucas!

      Well, I hear you bro! I also had my website around 5 or 6 months without having a logo. I was also afraid that I had to pay over $20 to get a logo. Imagine my joy when I found out this alternative :D!

  7. Andrei,

    Thanks for sharing this! I was looking for a way to create a logo without having to hire someone to do it for me. This helps a lot!


    1. Hi Paul!

      You are most welcome! Thank you for stopping by! You can also check my Training section in order to find more tips for your website!

  8. Hi, Thank you very much Andrei I tried to finding free logo maker site bout I can’t find good site for making logo for my website lastly I found in your site a good logo site to save my $ for making logo on fiverr.com Thank you very much Andrei.

    1. Hi Junaid!

      While your business is at its beginning, you won’t need any fancy logo that contains different shapes and letters. A free logo from Flammming Text should do it instead of purchasing a professional logo that will cost you more than $50 :).

  9. Hi, Andrei.

    I did go and create a free logo for my website. However…. because it wasn’t in a ZIP format (according to WP), it would not allow me to upload it to themes. I think I’m missing some information in that regard… so if I did, I need to go back and read all that walk-thru again.

    I really like this site! It’s got good information and found myself reading all of it. It’s got great content.

    1. Hi, Sylvia :)!

      Well, the trick is not to save it as a zip. I usually right click on the logo and save it in an image format. After that, the next step is to go to appearance-> customize -> Header image -> add new image. Don’t forget to click on the blue save button at the top of menu :)!

  10. I paid to have a logo made for me so I wish I had seen this first, now I don’t have to pay again.thanks

    1. Hi, Matthew!

      I am so sorry to hear that! Damn… Make sure to bookmark this post for the near future and it would be lovely if you could share it such that more people won’t have to pay for their logo!

  11. Thanks for the info and for explaining how to do it step by step. That always is helpful especially for us newer ones.. thanks again

    1. Hi, Michelle!

      This is the main interest of this website. To create step-by-step tutorials that are able to help the fresh Entrepreneurs to succeed in their online business. Make sure to check my Website Tutorials page in order to see more useful tips to improve your audience’s experience and in the same time to check my Search Engine Optimization tips in order to improve your ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex!

  12. This is so useful and helpful. I greatly appreciate the info, I have absolutely no experience with this sort of thing and you make it so easy, I want to go try it myself. I’m gonna go try it myself. Maybe later though. When I do, I might come back and see what you think of it, if you don’t mind. Again, thanks for this truly excellent information, and have a good night.

    1. Hi, MJ!

      I am glad that I could help you out! If you need any help just leave a comment under any post and I will help you out! Also make sure to check my Website Tutorials to check more awesome tricks that will improve your visitor’s experience! Best of luck!

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