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In this post I am going to review Bitcoin Rush and I am going to tell you why I consider it to be a scam. 

The Bitcoin Rush Scam Review 2017 2018

Now, I have no doubt that most of you know what is Bitcoin. I know in fact pretty few things about Bitcoin. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Now, why all this hype for Bitcoin out of a sudden? 

Well, in 2011,  1 Bitcoin was worth around $0.10-0.50. Over the time, the value of the currency started to increase. In the spring of 2017, 1 Bitcoin was worth around $2500. 

Yes, that’s only for 1 coin. At the end of the summer, the value almost doubled. If I am not mistaking, at the end of September, 1 Bitcoin was worth around $4400-4800.

Today(20 November 2017), the bitcoin has explode and from a value of $4400, it has reached a new peak of $8100. 

With this insane increase of the value, the number of Bitcoin scammers also increased. 

Okay… Okay… But how can you obtain a Bitcoin? 

Well, in order to obtain a bitcoin you will have to mine for it. This is a process which usually takes a lot of time. In general years of mining will result in obtaining a single bitcoin. 

Okay, but how many years?

Since I am not an expert on Bitcoin, I am just going to show you the answer of Admir Tulic, on Quora, who is an crypto enthusiat.

How much does it take to mine one Bitcoin

Why is Bitcoin Rush a Scam?

In order to answer to that question, first we need to understand what they actually are offering.

Bitcoin Rush scam Review 2017 2018

From this, what I understand is that Bitcoin Rush is actually a guide with the purpose to inform us what is Bitcoin, how to earn it for free and telling us how much is worth. 

Okay… Andrei… WTF?

How can a guide be a scam?

Well, that’s because all of this information you can find anywhere on the web. Even though it has a low price(which I will below), if you would take around 20 minutes to check out for the information, I am sure that you will be able to find everything that this guide has to offer you.

So, Bitcoin… I kinda said above what it and how to mine it… Lol.

Now… How can you actually earn bitcoin for free, without mining it?


Well, what I think that they will mention is that there are a few websites which will ask you to do a few things such as completing a survey, reviewing a website, playing some games and so on. After you  complete the task, they will reward you with Bitcoin.

However, don’t even hope that they will give you 1 Bitcoin or 0.001 bitcoin for doing it. In general they will give you something like 0.00000001256 Bitcoin for completing the task. Which is usually worthless.

Okay… But how can they make 2 Bitcoin in 1 month? Do they have NASA’s computers or what?

Well, for that I believe that they participate in illegal online casinos. Yes, those things are real and instead of playing for $/Euros etc, they gamble Bitcoin. 

However, this might be only after they got their hands on at least 0.1 Bitcoin. Which it might take months of mining or years of working on the survey websites. 


Earn free bitcoin from less than 5 minutes of work?

Well, yes. This is true. However, notice that they don’t mention how much bitcoin are you going to earn? 

That’s because instead of earning 1 or 2 Bitcoins, you will earn 0.000000001223 Bitcoin. Maybe there are some activities like watching a Youtube video for 30 seconds which will pay you with that. 

Ok… Ok… But it is only $0.5. 

Yes, I know it is a small price, but it the main idea is that you can find all that information online for free. There is no need for you to pay not even a dime for it. As a matter of fact I even covered all that information in this post alone. Of course, I haven’t mentioned websites which pay you for tasks or online casinos. 

Of course you don’t need technical skills in order to watch a video or to complete a survey. 

So, because this course will charge you money in exchange for free information that is found everywhere online and because people are mislead into thinking that they actually have a chance to make 2 Bitcoins in a month while starting from 0 Bitcoins and while not buying Bitcoins, that’s why I consider it to be a  scam. 

Okay, but where should I go to learn more about Bitcoin?


Well, I don’t really have any posts/training on Bitcoin. Perhaps in a few months I will add some. Until then, you can feel free to just go on quora or wikipedia and search for Bitcoin. Or simply go on Google and search for “Bitcoin FAQs”. 

That’s all on Bitcoin Rush Scam Review. If you have any other questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below. 




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