Baymack Referral Program dismissed

Hi, guys!


Today I am having some bad news for you!

So, the main idea is that in order for the guys from Baymack to increase the number of prizes that they are giving, they decided to quit the referral program.

Yes, I know that some of you might have used it in order to generate a passive income. Even though, I usually played on Baymack, I must admit that the referral program helped me as well.

So what was the problem?

Well, the problem was that there were too many entries from many people and the number of prizes was too small.

They either offered a lot of prizes but very small, let’s say 0.10 for like 50,000 or 100,000 people or big prizes such as $50,$200,$1000, but for very few people.

So in order to try to find a balance between offering a lot of prizes and offering bigger prizes as well, they decided to get rid of the referral program.

Now, I know that for some of you this might be a deal breaker. I mean, not everyone has the time to watch 50 videos. However, for now, I think we should get used to this.

I certainly hope that this won’t be permanent. If it will be, then I believe that they will lose a lot of people.

I will try to take a look for other referral programs which can bring you money just for referring people if some of you are interested in that. However, for the next two to three weeks, I must take some time off in order to keep up with the MSc.

I will still create and publish posts each week, but I am not so sure how much time I will have to review new complex referral programs!


I would say that the best referral program up until now would be Swagbucks, since it is the most popular in the world, and for those of you who are not residents of USA/UK/Australia & Canada, I will recommend you to try out CashCrate as well.


Yes, I haven’t forgotten about Snuckls, but the problem with that is that it is a little tricky. It is tricky because if you match 2 numbers, you get the 0.1% out of the total Jackpot, divided by the number of people who matched 2 numbers as well. Therefore, your referrals probably won’t earn that much money and since they are your referrals and you will earn 50% of what they earn, probably you will not earn much money as well!


Anyway, those were the new for today. Don’t give up on Baymack yet. Probably they will get the referral program back as soon as they will see that people are leaving or when they will earn enough money to afford the referral program as well!

I think that only the time will allow us to find out the answer to this!


Have a nice day,



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6 thoughts on “Baymack Referral Program dismissed

    1. Hi, John! I agree with you. However, the number of prizes has dramatically increased. For instance, in the last draw(yesterday), I earned 0.37 while having 37 tickets. I earned 0.01 for each ticket. I think that if you take time and watch, you will still earn some money 🙂

    1. Hi, Joudy!

      I have to say that I am interested as well in launching a Youtube channel. However, at this moment I don’t know how they work. I think that you will need to send them an e-mail. But take into consideration that most people will just watch 30-90 seconds of your video and that’s it. Don’t think for a moment that a single viewer will buy what you promote or will subscribe to your channel. Those are just money thrown away. If you are interested in reviewing and selling something, I would suggest you go to an influencer within your niche and to discuss in private how much money they want in order to promote your channel :D.

    1. Hi, Steven!

      Well, if you would’ve asked me this question a few weeks ago, I would’ve said yes. However, now, when looking at the total value of the prizes and the amount of prizes, it is a definitely no. If you are interested in earning some money and to not waste your time, I would suggest you to try out taking Surveys at CashCrate(my personal favorite) or at SwagBucks.

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