Baymack protest

Hi, guys!


So for a few day now if you have logged on Baymack on a daily basis you would have noticed that they start to giveaway less and less money.


I have to admit that when both the value and the number of prizes has diminished, I decided to not participate to Baymack anymore.

It is useless for me to take some time and get entries which probably I would be lucky to earn $0.1 on a daily basis if I would get 50 entries.

I decided to stop playing on Baymack until they will get better prizes.

For those of you who just found out about Baymack, I can tell you that Baymack used to have some pretty big prizes. There was a time when the biggest Jackpot was $1000 instead of just  $100.

The middle Jackpot used to be $1 or $2 for 1000-2000 contestants.  Now is just $0.1 for 4000 entries.

I think that this actually is an insult to us and I decide to not play anymore until they will raise their prizes.

They have such low prizes because they launched Skylom. However, launching a new product doesn’t mean that you have to s**t on the other programs and to take the money from them and invest in the other one.

You can try and play for Baymack, but I will definitely say that there is a very small chance for you to win the $100. There are between 150,000 – 200,000 entries and only 1 gets the $100.

So what would I play instead?

Well, I will try to play from time to time on Snuckls and Skylom. I will also try to research more opportunities which might pay better than those since I have no certitude that they will not do the same thing to the other programs as well.

In conclusion, until they will raise the prizes as they used to be, I will use other methods in order to earn money online.

Please don’t listen to this post. I don’t imply that you should not use Baymack. Use it if you want. I just wanted to share my opinion.

Have a nice day,


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