Are numbers in a domain useful?

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Once again, I am back with an interesting question.


As follows, today’s inquiry is if the numbers in a domain are useful or not?

Let me write a few examples:

(1) https:// how – to – earn – extra – money – from – home . com               -> This is a normal domain(my domain).

(2) https:// 1000 – quotes – that – will – change – your – life etc. .com -> this is a number with numbers in the domain.

(3) https:// 100 – interview – questions etc… .com -> This is also a domain with numbers.


Okay. Now I have to say that domains might differ in the sense that not all domains contain https, some of them just contain http(The difference between those 2 is the ‘s’, which stands from an extra layer of security).

Not all domains have to contain ‘-‘ between each word. I just like it this way because it is easier to read. For example:

howtoearnextramoneyfromhome .com instead of how-to-earn-extra-money-from-home .com

To an English native, it is the same thing. However, when we build a website with the audience being the whole planet, we have to take into consideration that there are people who don’t know the language pretty well and they will have a hard time in trying to read a domain which is long and doesn’t contain ‘-‘ between each word.


Comming back to our previous examples, I think that (1) domains are the best. A domain is, in fact, a keyword which represents what your website is about.

Since it is a keyword, we expect for people to actually search it on Google or in the other search engines. I can totally see someone who will search ‘how to earn extra money from home’ on Google and the keyword tools which I use tell me the same thing.

When it comes to the (2) example, I am not pretty sure that there are a lot of people who will search for 1000 quotes that will change their life. Okay, I am definitely sure that there are people who search for quotes that will change their life. The problem comes with the numbers.

Now, let’s look at example 3: 100 interview questions. Well, I used to search a lot for interview questions and in order to find more, I actually think that I used the keyword 100 interview questions. That’s it because that my intention(as a visitor), was to find many interview questions in the same place. Now, numbers such as top 10 or top 50 or even top 100 are frequently searched. However, I would have never thought to search for 5 interview questions or for 23 interview questions or even for 1000 interview questions. Who has time for 1000?

The main idea when you use a number in a keyword is that you have to make sure that people will actually search for it.

A few examples:


Top 50 drama movies -> Valid.

6/7 Lottery numbers(Depending on the lottery) – Valid.

23 Action movies -> Wrong.

291 Prayers -> Wrong.

99 Problems -> Valid. That’s valid because of the popular saying of “I’ve got 99 problems, but X ain’t one”. I am not sure who said that right now.

Java Programming 101 -> Valid.

According to English. StackExchange, 101 slang comes means: It means “introductory something”. The allusion is to a college course with the course code 101, which in the American system and probably others indicates an introductory course, often with no prerequisites.


As a conclusion, most of the time it is wrong to use a number in your domain. However, there are a few cases such as above, where you could totally see that someone will include the respective number in his / hers Google / Bing etc. search. However, if that is not the case of your idea, then you might want to use a normal domain such as the example 1.


That’s it for this post guys. I hope that it made it clear for all of you :). If you still are confused, feel free to share your questions with me in the comment section below!


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