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Hi, guys!


Well, today since I am almost running short on the posting frequency, I decided to create one more post with regards to the benefits of an online entrepreneur. 


Now, to get to the point, the main idea is that I got pulled over today while driving by cops and I had a girl with me in my car.

Now, if you’ve been working for a while on your online business, you would have encountered a lot of difficult and stressful situations such as: not seeing results, people not believing in you, you not believing in yourself and so on.


I know all of this because I’ve been through the same things. However, all of those experiences have built my character and up until now, I haven’t realised how much my character has developed. You see, encountering failure and risky situations on a daily basis make you a little more “cold blooded” and helps you control your reactions. At least for me, it did. I learned that I should not be so damaged after every situation and I also kinda learned that I should be able to take a good look at any situation and remark the opportunities.


So coming back to our story, today I’ve been pulled over for the first time in my life. I’ve been driving for 5 years and a half now. The mistake I made was to go through a one-way street in order to take a shortcut.  The cops saw me and decided to pull me over.


Now I mentioned that I was with a friend. I was able to see that even though I was the driver, I was able to keep my calm and to look like I wasn’t having any problems whilst my friend started to panic. The level of stress on her face could’ve been seen from a mile. But what about mine? Well, I was having a straight poker face.


I already knew that I was in trouble, I knew that there is no way for me to get out of this situation and I already knew every possible outcome. But I wasn’t showing any emotion on my face. I just gave to the officer my driving licence along with the car licence and identity card and I only asked him if we can leave this behind and get over with a warning. He told me that this can’t be done since I ignored 2 street signs.

Now, how did my entrepreneur’s brain work? Well, I’ve already ran a few scenarios in my mind such as bribing, not stopping by the police car, asking for proof and other things and I decided that the best way to solve this is to go along with the office and pay a small fine.

And it was worth it. Instead of me ending up paying $150 fine, I ended up to have to pay $30. I saved $120 just because I behaved nice and I was sharing the same viewpoint of the officer.


If I was about to argue with him and ask him what is his proof, I would only annoyed him and risk to get the whole $150 fine. You see, I already knew from the beginning that if I would decide to get into an argument with the police officers it would only end up bad for me. Because once you get in an argument there is no way to be a passive aggressive. You will end up yelling at him, annoy the crap out of him, ride on his nerves and he will start searching for all the things that could fine you for.  Yes, there is a small chance for victory, but that only after you sue them and waste a lot of hours on the courthouse.


I’ve already ran this scenario from the beginning. Not even bribing wouldn’t have worked for me since those were youngsters who are afraid of the law and it is always risky to pull that card. It can get you in even more trouble.

I was able to recognise the best scenario out of a bunch of scenarios, I was able to keep my emotions in control and I was able to read people. Those were all possible due to my character development boost that I received from being an Online Entrepreneur. Cheers to this!


Therefore, besides giving you money and other things, a business always helps you with your character development. It changes the way you react to a tough situation, the way you analyze under pressure and helps you to take right decisions in the shortest amount of time. What would you’ve done in this situation? Risk it all and get into an argument with the cops? Or behave nicely and make the most out of the situation?

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