An invisible threat

Hi, guys!

Do you use features such as: Like me on Fb, Follow me on Twitter? Congrats! You’re killing your business.

So, today I was working on a post talking about Google Adsense and external links when I realized that I was actually killing my business without even knowing.

Of course, we all have those share buttons that allow the visitors to share our post or our page on Social media. However, for most of us this is not enough.

We want more. We want to be better than our competitors and we look at our plugins for help. In case that you are using Ultimate Social Media Icons plugin or other plugins that offer the possibility for your visitors to Like your Fb page or to follow you on Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram or to +1 on Google+ or follow you on Linkedin, all I have to say is that you’re killing your business without even knowing.

I was doing the same thing and I only realized that when I started to count all the external links from a post.

You see, all of those features of follow me or like or so on, ask you to insert your social media link. What is your social media link?

That’s right, An EXTERNAL LINK.

And how are the posts with plenty of External Links RANKED?

THAT’S right! AWFUL!

In general, you should aim to have 4 external links for a post of 1500 words. Now, you probably have around 3-4 affiliate links or even 5 on your posts or pages. But have you ever thought about the external links from your Social Media plugin?

Neither did I!!

It turns out that I had 3 extra links that didn’t help me with anything at all. I am not even sure if there was someone from my website that visited or liked one of my social media pages.

So step 1) is to deactivate this feature.

Now, how can you assure that your visitors will find your Social media pages?

Right on the spot, I would say that you can add all of your social media pages to your About Me page.

Another alternative would be for you to create an image with all of the links(in paint) and to upload it on your website’s front page. In case that you have your last posts on your front page and not a static post, you can create a new post, where you can add each of your social media pages and you can make it sticky. You do that by quick editing the page or the post from the All posts/ pages list and right underneath the Allow Comments box, you will have an option to make the post sticky(Usually it is found down right on the screen).

That’s it for today!

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