Almost ruined everything!

Hi, guys!

This weekend I came extremely close to ruin everything I have done in the last year!



So, the main idea was that I went in vacation to London. I took the National express from Luton and when I approached my coach station destination, I quickly rushed out in order to help the driver to take out my luggage.

However, while trying to do something good, I completely forgot that I stored a bag with my laptop and a tablet and a camera over my head.

I completely forgot about it since I was too concerned to help the driver out and to figure out how to get to the hotel from where I was.

I only realized it after 5-7 minutes after the bus left the station. Just try to imagine how my face turned grey and then white when I realized that I forgot my laptop on the coach bus. I couldn’t believe it that it was real.

I quickly called at the customer services and couldn’t solve anything at all. They were telling me that they couldn’t get in contact with the driver… like what the hell?!

So, I went to the hotel in order to leave the luggage and then I went back in the station, hoping that the driver will come back to the station. I believe that I called over 10-20 times the customer service number. Finally, someone from the customer service told me that in a hour the same buss will be back to the station where it left me.

So I went there straight away, I waited like an hour in the cold, yeah… Somehow, I got there in the only day when it was windy and freezing. I stud there a whole hour, and when the national express came, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t the same driver. When I asked him if he saw my bag or if he knows nothing, he told me that it wasn’t there.

So, I decided to stay a few more minutes, maybe I got the wrong bus. Therefore, I ended up staying 4 hours in cold. After that, I still haven’t solved anything at all. I just wasted my first 5-6 hours in London staying in cold and waiting for the bus that left me there in order to get my backpack back and in the end I haven’t succeeded anything.

So I finally gave up and dialled once again at the lost & found at national express and created a report of what was missing and she told me that it will file the report to the lost & found department and to check back in the following days if they found my bag.

I think that in that night after I went to visit Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey, I think that I stood the whole night checking out websites such as Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce websites in order to see if someone found my laptop and was trying to sell it.

It completely ruined my vacation since they told me that usually when the driver arrives back to the airport and if he/she finds any belongings, they file a report.

Imagine when it was the sixth time that I checked in order to see if someone found something and I still got a no for the answer.

There was no way for me to be able to buy another laptop. Basically, everything for everything that I need the laptop( working on the website, programming for my MSc, learning to code for the HR IT company and even trying to complete my Udacity & Google scholarship), now I was supposed to use my mobile to do all that. I even started to think about what to sell in order to get the money needed in order to buy another laptop…

The next day I woke up depressed by my own stupidity and after I had the breakfast, I decided to try calling again. A guy responded and when I told him the reference number, after 20 minutes he called me back telling me that they found THE BAG!!

I was in Hyde Park and I burst dancing. I couldn’t believe that I was given this chance. Just imagine that you realize that you’re extremely screwed and somehow all of a sudden all your problems are fixed. I couldn’t believe it was real.

He told me that in a hour, another bus will come and deliver my bag. Trust me when I tell you that I stood a whole hour in cold and I was happy about it!

It has been an emotional rollercoaster and even if I arrived with my spirit low in London and it got even lower, today when I left London, I was more determined than ever to achieve everything I want. I believe that starting from tomorrow, I will give 100% in everything that I will do in order to achieve everything that I want.

Losing the laptop and realizing that I will have to learn and work on a mobile has been the greatest wake-up call that I had in the last few weeks. Now I truly understand how blessed I am to have a laptop and to be able to work and learn on it.

If there’s something you need to learn from my story is that when travelling to always keep an eye on your bags & luggage and to not forget of how gifted you are right now.

Even though you don’t have the last iPhone or mac or alien, you still have something that you can use in order to try to make money and to get what you want in the near future. Also, make sure to get a chip on your laptop and smartphone before it is too late.


Wish you best of luck,


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