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7 Ways On How To Get Traffic For A Blog In 2017

Hi, guys!

In this lesson I am going to show you how to get traffic for a blog. This is the 4th lesson in my How to Build A Blog For Free guide. In order to access the first page of the guide, click here.

By now, you should already have a blog and you should know how to create quality content for it. But what good is a blog that doesn’t have audience? 

There are a lot of bloggers that have a lot of posts and pages on their blogs. Somehow, they believe that if they keep on writing, they will start and get traffic. It is not that simple. Having a lot of competitors, it will request you to take some measures in order to assure that people will find your blog.

In this lesson I will show you 7 ways in order to achieve this. Those are not difficult and you should be able to see great results in maximum 6 months. 

How to get traffic for a blog ?

1) Keyword Optimization

There are plenty of ways to get traffic to a blog. However, the best way to do is to use SEO(Search Engine Optimize) Keywords. 

Now, why is this the best methods? 

Well, this is the only method for you to obtain “passive traffic” to your blog. That means that once you create 100 posts or how much you want, you can just do nothing for 2-4-6 months and you will still receive traffic on your blog.

So, how can you do this?

Well, there are a couple of ways and since this is a complex subject, I have create a whole post about Keywords and Search Engine Optimization here. 

Make sure to read the whole post and if you have any questions, share them with me .either in that post’s comment section or in this one!

2) Social Media

Some people, including myself, might hate to use the Social Media networks. However, we need to get over this and create social media fan pages for our blogs/websites.

It is not that hard, and if you will click on this link, you will see my tutorials on how to set up a social media account and a few Fb tips.

So, what you have to do after you created your social media fan page? 

Well, the first thing you want to do is to start and share your blog posts. After that, you have to join to different Fb groups that discuss about your niche and answer people’s problems in order to convince them that you know what you are talking about.

After 1-2 weeks, you can start and share some of your blog posts into those groups and you will get website traffic and if people will like what they are reading, they will like your Social Media fan pages and perhaps they will even share your article. 

This can be done even on Linkedin since it contains a lot of groups for every niche.

Check here to learn how to share a post to social media.

*Psst: You can even organize small giveaways and ask people to like and share your Fb page or your website!!

3) Create a Network

Among the best ways to have “targeted traffic” is to create a network. 

Now, for those of you that don’t possess any social skills, you can start to form a bond by searching on google for blogs within your niche and by starting to comment on their posts. Once you formed a connection with other bloggers, feel free to contact them by email or by calling them and let them know that you are also active within the niche. Share with them your blog’s URL and ask them if they will be interested in traffic exchange. 

There are many ways to do this. Either by creating links about each other, either by creating a series of posts on each others blog and to link at your own blogs after that and so on.

However, you should take into account to get in contact only with the bloggers and the marketers who already have success within the niche.

Even though if they would link from their Social Media pages to your blog at first or will ask you to create a guest post or they will link from another blog, with time if you form a good bond, they will link to your blog from their main blog. It is all about learning to be persistent and patient.

4) Youtube videos and podcasts

Another excellent way to gain traffic is to build yourself an Youtube channel and to add links to your blog in the description of every single Youtube video. There are billions of videos being viewed every single day!!

There are a lot of people that drive thousands of people from their Youtube videos to their blogs or to their websites each day.

Lucky for you, I just finished a guide on how to build a Youtube channel 2-3 days ago. 

In my guide, I will show you how to start from scratch, without having any idea of how anything works and I will also present you with a few ways to monetize your channel, besides Google analytics, in order to generate you an income.

How To Set Up A Youtube Channel For Free Guide

5) Create an Email list

One of the best method to stay in touch with your recent visitors is to ask them to subscribe to your Email Newsletter. 

You don’t want your traffic to come just one time on your website. You want it to visit your website on a weekly basis, am I right? Of course I am… Lol!

Once they joined your Email list, you can send them emails on a weekly basis showing them your latest posts or even sending them promotional offers!

This is not that difficult but neither that easy to do. However, I will make a complete guide pretty soon on how to create a Newsletter. 

6) Join Forums

Another way to get traffic is to join in different online forums, enter in niche related discussions and respond to different niche related questions.

Some great places for this to do are: Yahoo Answers, Quora, Warrior Forum and Reddit. 

On Quora alone I’ve spent 30 minutes and I’ve found at least 20-30 questions where I could have answered and leave a direct link to my website. In fact I actually did it and I’ve received some traffic. 

If you do this on a daily basis for a month, you will see that you will gain a lot of traffic from those forums.

In order to find all the niche related forums just go to Google or what search engine you want and type: yourniche + forum. You should get hundreds of results.

7) Paid Traffic

There are a lot of ways to buy traffic. 

There are a lot of companies that will charge you money, sometimes up to $10 for 10k viewers. 

Now, I know that those numbers sound great, but over 99% of those viewers will visit your site for a few seconds and then they will leave.

The reason why they do that is because they are not your “targeted audience”. 

So, how can you buy targeted traffic?

One solution is to go to Youtube and contact the Youtubers within your niche and ask them to promote your channel. Sometimes this can be very expensive. 

Another solution is to go to other bloggers within your niche and ask them how much money they want in order to promote your blog. 

How can you get targeted traffic cheaper?

Well, the best solution is to use Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Simple explained, once you have a few keywords analyzed, you will pay a different amount of money for each click that comes to your site through that ad. 

You can set a daily limit to how much you want to spend. 

That’s all on How To Get Traffic For A Blog. If you have any questions left, please share them with me in the comment section below!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

13 thoughts on “7 Ways On How To Get Traffic For A Blog In 2017

  1. thanks for the good tips on getting traffic to your site. i’m pretty new in the blogging game and i appreciate all the tips i can get. it was interesting to read about the paid options. i feel like i need to make a little revenue on my site before i start spending more money, but it’s good to know those options are out there.

    1. Hi, Will!

      Well, I know that at first it all seems pretty hard. I’ve been through that, but all you need to do is to be persistent. Write like nobody reads your blog. Don’t be afraid that people will come and judge you. Try to write more and more and maybe not in a month, not in 3 months but in 5 months I am sure that you will be able to create awesome blog posts and reviews. No one was born a writer. With time you will start to learn how to create more and more awesome content, don’t worry! 🙂

  2. Loved this! I still don’t think I’ve mastered the Keyword tools I use, so I always enjoy reading multiple explanations on how to use them. Would you suggest using the paid option in order to get traffic? Or get traffic, and then use the paid option to grow your audience? I’ve got a website that I’ve only been working on for about four months, and it’s hard to balance the avenues I should take first, and what’s the most beneficial. I just keep keepin’ on and hope one day I have a breakthrough!

    1. Hi, Courtney!

      Well, I suggest none of those actually. What I advise you is to create more and more content and when you start earning money, to hire freelancers to write content for your such that you will increase your publishing frequency. Try to do that until you have 400-500 visitors per day from organic searches and after that, I would advise you to spend some money on Bing ads :).

  3. thanks for these wonderful tips on how to get traffic to your a blogs. I struggle with this part of my blogging journey. I will try a few of your suggestings, such as the google adwords and Bing ads. I don’t see the benefit of paying for other traffic options when they are not your target audience. I have also been contemplating the email list building and the Youtube channel options. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, Ms. Kay!

      Well, the problem with this is that you will have to invest a lot of money on Bing ads, since Google will charge you for even more money. I would advise you the same as I advised Courtney above: If you have some money to spend, try to hire a freelancer that will write content for you. The main idea is to create lots of content, based on SEO keywords, in order to start and receive “passive traffic” and not PPC traffic. On the long term, this would be the best solution! Cheers :)!

  4. These are really some effective ways to increase traffic. It is just so amazing how traffic is the life blood of this kind of business this can really break or make a website business. Your post has a lot of good information to generate traffic.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      Well, I agree with you on that :). You can have the best business in your niche with the best content that will turn your readers into instant buyers, but if you don’t get traffic than it doesn’t matter. I know this very well since I have created a lot of sections based on content to help people and I haven’t even selected keywords for them. As a result, I haven’t received almost any traffic on lots of pages due to this.

  5. Many thanks for the good tips! I’m building my own website (focused on Latin American market) and I will use some of your recommendation for sure. Would be great to give more details about the paid traffic 😉

    1. Hi, Christian!

      You’re most welcome! Well, I will try to create in the near feature a more advanced training on how to manage your money for your online business where I will also include a few lessons on how to invest in ads and how much money to invest :)!

  6. Great advice, Andrei! I appreciate your article and I am thankful to have come across your site. 🙂
    I myself utilizes social medias for traffic generation (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

    Your site is full of great advice and I will now direct my friends to your site whenever they need advices on internet marketing.

    Keep up with the good work, Andrei my man!

    1. Hi, Kenny!

      Thank you so much for doing so! 😀 It means a lot to me. Well, I usually use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest whenever I have free time to drive some traffic to my site. But it usually takes a lot of time to do so and most of the time is not rewarding. I’ve also tried out Quora, but it is the same story with the others. Right now, I receive over 80% of my traffic from the organic traffic. And I believe that you should do the same because this is passive traffic. In order for you to drive traffic from Social Media, you will have to share a lot of stuff and be very active on those networks. However, if you do SEO, you will only have to create a post and from time to time to update it & it will always generate you traffic. 😀

      Wish you a great day!

  7. You have some great tips here. I especially am a fan of Keyword optimization. There is nothing better than putting in the time to write great articles based on keyword research and see the traffic organically come to your website for months and years to come.

    I have been looking for another marketing strategy to add to my arsenal so forums is next on my list. I have time on my hands most days so I see this as a very viable solution to drive some extra traffic to my blog. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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