$5,000 Baymack Jackpot Today!!!!

Hi, guys!

Have you seen it already?!

Baymack today has a total Jackpot of $5,000!!!


Baymack Jackpot 5.12.2017 $5000


Ok, so what happened all of a sudden?

Well, in order to increase the prizes, the people from Baymack decided to shut down their referral system. Here’s the full story on that.

Today, the $5,000 giveaway Jackpot is an all-time record for Baymack. Over 8000 people will compete with each other in order for a chance to win $0.25, 2000 people will try to win $1 and one lucky fellow will win $1000.

Of course, you can have multiple tickets and win $0.25, $1 and $1000 in the same draw. There’s nothing against it.


So, how to win?


For those of you who haven’t participated in any Baymack draw, all you need to do is to log in Baymack with a real Facebook account and to click on the enter draw green button.

After that, you will have to watch 5 Youtube videos, select the proper category for each of them and you will automatically get a ticket.

You can have a maximum of 50 tickets and for the first 10 tickets you will need to watch 5 Youtube videos, and for the rest of them, 11-50, you will have to watch only 2 Youtube videos.

How much time will it take to watch 50 videos?

Well, a video is usually anywhere between 0:20 sec to 1:30 minutes. Therefore, in the worst case scenario, 1:30 mins, you will have to spend 2:25 hours.

Don’t worry guys, you will usually get only videos of 60-77 seconds. Anyway, if you want to maximize your earnings, you can try to take some time apart, get 50 tickets and who knows? Maybe you actually win the $1000 Jackpot :D!


Here’s the whole Baymack review!


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2 thoughts on “$5,000 Baymack Jackpot Today!!!!

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    1. Hi, Russell!

      Hmm, thanks for recommending it :D. I am going to take a look on their offer and TC and review them :).

      Have a nice day, Andrei.

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