500 comments -> Checked

Hi, guys!!!!!


I know that is a little too soon for this, but it HAPPENED!!


I have over 500 comments!!!!

I actually had those comments from yesterday, 20.05., but I had failed to create a post on it.



I still have around 9 or 11 comments that I have to reply today. It is pretty great since I thought that I will reach 500 comments on the 2nd week of June. I actually reached 100 comments in 13 days. I created the 400 comments milestone on 8th of May :). This got my hopes up and I hope that by October 1st


This result got my hopes up and I hope that by October 1st  I will reach 1000 comments on my website. Yesterday I have seen a member at Wealthy Affiliate that has over 2500 comments. That’s insane. He had his website for almost two years. I hope that I will have the same stats or even better. That would be awesome!



So as always, let’s do the math!


501+9(comments that I need to reply)= 510* 94( average words in a comment)= 47,940 words!!!

I think that it is pretty great that in 13 days I have received 100 comments…. That’s like 9,400 words by doing nothing then responding to your questions :D. That’s awesome!


My website almost hit the 1500 page views milestone!

I hope I will reach 600 comments by the 2nd week of June.

How about your progress?


Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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