50 Pages & Posts Milestone Checked!

Hi, guys!

I reached the 50 Posts and Pages milestone!!

It is pretty great for me, but I have many more posts and pages to create. Anyway, it took more than I expected. I started working on my website about 2 months now and I am pretty sad to only have 50 posts and pages combined…

Indeed, if you add those up, you will see that I have only 40 pages and posts, but this is because the Site Manager from Wealthy Affiliate only shows you the posts and pages that are already published.

As you may know, I prefer to create posts and pages and to schedule them in order to maintain a publishing frequency for the search engines.

As you can see, I have already 11 scheduled posts and the 400 comments milestone that I also reached today, is schedule to be published on the 2nd of June. Today is 8th of May. This means that I can easily take time off until next month and my publishing frequency won’t suffer.

I would advice you to do the same thing as me. Take a day off and try to create as many posts as you can. I believe that I can create around 5-8 posts a day. I will spend a whole day and try to create as many posts as I can and I will create a post showing my results.

So how many pages are enough? Hmm this is a trick question… I want to be able to reach 500 posts and pages or I would like to have more than 2000 visitors on a daily basis.

I know it sounds a lot, since in 61 days I achieved in creating 50 posts/pages, but I will try to do my best. Perhaps, after that I will be able to hire a content writer and I will focus more on another website.

I know that it sounds pretty much insane, but I hope that somewhere before this Christmas, I would reach at least one of those goals.

There are many people on WA that after 5-6 months have 60-70 pages. I create that many pages in order to be able to reach over 5000 visitors a day. This is actually one of my main goals. 😀 As I said in my Online Business guide, more visitors = more money!

So what are your goals? How many visitors do you want on your website? How many posts do you want to have?

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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