5 Steps To High-Price Success Scam Review @TechZavy

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Today I am going to review the 5 Steps To High-Price Success scam. So make sure to read this post in order to check out why I believe that you shouldn’t acquire this product.

Now, if you are going to land on their page, you can see the url on the image above, you will see that those from TechZavy are pretty straightforward. 

They start their post with a screenshot from their Paypal account balance and ask you if you want for yours to look the same. 

Ok, I want… It’s impossible to say no to this… yet. 


So, this program is called 5 Stepts to High-Price Success. Now, I am not completely unfamiliar with TechZavy, since I reviewed one of their scams in the last week. You can check it here.

5 steps high success TechZavy scam 2017

So, since I already stated that one of their programmes is a typical scam you might assume that I will quickly jump to conclusions and say that this one is a scam as well without any doubts.

I am not that kind of person. I try to be as objective as possible within my reviews since I hate for people to get scammed and I would enjoy if at the end of the day I would recommend a program to someone and he will leave me an email telling me that they earned money through what I recommended.

Now, the fishy thing about this opportunity is that it doesn’t include any information about how you wille arn money. I mean completely nothing. 

There is just a picture of a Paypal balance which could be easily photoshoped and a few “testimonials” which I could write as well in this post… For example: 


Andrei helped me become a billionaire. I owe all to him.

– John John.


I also have a few real testimonials, but I made sure for people to allow me to link to their website such that when someone has any doubts in them, they can go to their Contact page and send them an e-mail in order confirm the autenticity.

Once again, I don’t see any video where someone will present himself / herself and tell us what is all this about. The Regular Price is the same as the price of the last opportunity, and we the fact that we have no idea about what this opportunity is about forces me to clasify it as a scam.

Now, if they make money and they will help us make money as well, why do they even charge us $16?

If the people that tried it out, which is quite strange since at the moment when I made the review, the program isn’t even live, and earn over $1500 in a week, why won’t the owners of the program apply the secret and earn money from it, instead of getting $16 from us. 

Who in the living hell will choose to get $16 instead of over $1500 ?



-> Mhmm… Let me see… screenshot of money on paypal – Checked. Awesome testimonials – Checked. Not giving any info at all – Checked. Creating a Call To Action to force people buy our crap –  Aaand Checked!



So, this guys got everything you need to see in a scam. 

From 0 details about themselves, to fake screenshots of Paypal to 0 information about the program, to fake testimonials and to a Call To Action to force us to buy the programme at the bottom of the page.

This is why until I will see a few video testimonials, a video of them introducing themselves, a proof video of their paypal account… How do we even know that this is their paypal account…LOL… This is why I will say that this is a scam.

But how could I earn money?

Ok, I know that you came here with the hope that this will not be a scam and that you will earn money like those guys from the testimonials.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do earn that kind of money this quick. It is impossible. Remember from me that whenever someone claims that it will help you earn X sum of money in 1 month, always BUT always run away from them.

Fortunataley, for you, if you have time at your disposal and you’re willing to invest some time in building a business, I will invite you to take a look at some of the long-term solutions which I review with lots of details. In order to access them click here.

That’s all on 5 Steps To High-Price Success Scam Review. If you have any other questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below.

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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