300 comments done!

Hey, guys!


I passed the 300 comments milestone!!! This actually happened today on 20th of April but due to the publishing schedule, it will be published probably on 5th of May.  I am pretty excited for this milestone.

There are actually 308 comments consisting of both your comments and and my response. Therefore, those are the comments of about 154 people that came to my site, had a question or a feedback and I gladly helped them out. As you can see I have around 16 pages of your questions and answers that I took time and responded to each of them.

So why is it such a big deal?

Well for me, people engaging on my articles it means that you find them helpful. I believe that over 80% of them are from people that thank me for the help and I decided to create this post in order to thank you for your engagement.

I am gladly to announce that there are no spam comments and I am also happy to say that over 98% of the comments are positive. There are a few from other people that try to advertise other opportunities to make money online and leave me a negative feedback, but I learned to not stress out because of them. Of course, I checked their opportunities and I am going to make my review about them as well.

For the search engines, this is a big deal as well since it tells them that my posts and pages offer quality help due to the large amount of comments received. Therefore, my website will probably rank faster and better than other websites that have a few comments.

In case you haven’t read already my post on the power of comments, please take some time aside and find out other benefits of having comments on your website.

One of the main benefits of having comments on your posts and pages is that the total amount of word in the comment section will be included in the total amount of words of a post or a page. Therefore, having 308 comments it is a great thing.

For example, my latest comment, which is actually my 309th comment has five sentences and 94 words. I have many comments that have over 10 and some even over 20 sentences. Indeed, I have some that have only 2 or 4 sentences. However, let’s assume that my 309 comments have 94 words. That means that I have around 29,046 extra words on my website just from the comment section. This is shocking for me.

Those almost 30,000 words came out of the blue. I didn’t had to research what to write on them or anything else. I just responded to my visitor’s questions.

It didn’t took much time to respond to all of them. I usually respond to them 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. It’s not that much time spent :). An hour a week is like nothing. It takes my twice that time to wake up in the morning :D.

The next milestone I believe that would be 500 comments and I want to reach it until 1st of July.

What about you? What are your milestones?

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

2 thoughts on “300 comments done!

    1. Hi, Yunier!

      Thank you! It is always a blessing to hear that you, my audience, enjoy the quality of my services :). I will continue to post more and more helpful content :D!

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