20th July TWICE the organic traffic from June

Hi, guys!!

Well, I’ve got good news for this post.I hoped that this month I’ll get twice the traffic that I did in the last month. However, Google seemed to have other plans…

So the main idea is that I proposed that each month I’ll have twice the amount of traffic that I had in the last month. This way, I believe that somewhere in around 1 year and six months, I will have around 5.7 million visitors per month. That means 190,054.4 visitors a day for a month of 30 days.

So this is why I am very excited when I see that the plan is going on. As I said in the very beginning, this is a long term investment. We don’t make plans for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We have to think high, to make an idea and a plan at least for the next 5-6 months.

Now, the main thing is that I already reached the goal proposed for this month, which is to double the traffic from the last month with 12 days in advance.






As you can see in those stats, in the June graph the highest pitch of organic sessions in a day was on 26th June, where there were 9 organic sessions. On the other hand, the highest pitch, up until now(July 22th) was on 17th July when I had 15 organic sessions. I tend to have an average of 9-10 visitors a day right now. I know that I also created a comparison of those statistics on 15th July where I showed you that in less than 12 days I had more than the 87 sessions that I had in the last month. That means that it took me 8 days to have more than 87 sessions on the website and to double the number of sessions for my website.


I think that this is pretty good. Right now, on 22th of July in the afternoon, I have 192 organic sessions and there are still 9 days and a half until the month ends. If my rankings increase, theoretically I might have the chance to gain once again 87 more sessions. That would be excellent.

However, there is a red flag that I noticed. I have created a review around a popular opportunity and I have this review on multiple keywords on page 1 of Google. Everything is great, but there is a threat that people will start to show a little less interest in this opportunity and I need to quickly review another popular opportunity in order to gain more visitors for the next month.

I also screwed up a little bit with the publishing frequency. Up until last week, I used to publish 5 posts on 5 different days in a week. Now, out of laziness, I started to publish the same 5 posts but on 3 days a week. I am still not entirely sure if Google punishes me since the organic sessions in the last two days tend to be less than the average. It is either this or the audience lost interest in this opportunity. I will keep an eye on this and I will create a blog post about this at the end of the month.

Do you got any questions? Make sure to share them with me in the comment section below :D!



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