2018 Resolution

Hi, guys!


Since this is in trend, I decided to do a Resolution as well! πŸ˜€


As a matter of fact I have a lot of things that I want to improve in my life in this year. However, in this post I am going to stay strict to the goals for my website.


New Year, New me… Right?


Well, I actually decided to turn my life 180 degrees :D. I know it will be a little hard in the very beginning, but I am more than determined in order to achieve my goals.


So, for the website alone, I don’t intend to become a millionaire…yet… LOL, but I have some realistic goals :D.


Goal Number 1 – Getting More TRAFFIC


I kinda started to get some traffic. For example, for this month I have around 4000+ organic sessions. However, let’s face it. This is not that Amaziiing. I know there are a lot of people who probably get 20,000 organic sessions per month in the first year. But that is due to the fact that they either use Bing/Google Ads or they created a website when a trend has started.

So, right now, I am having over 4000+ organic sessions per month. My goal is that by the end of 2018, to be able to reach around 15,000-20,000 organic sessions per month. I am not sure yet if I will start to put money in ads. However, I want to get this traffic without investing any money.


Goal Number 2 – Create an E-mail List


One of the most important things is to have an e-mail list. I tried for a few times to create one, but due to some legal reasons, I decided to spend some time – when I will have, to study the law and after that to create one.


Goal Number 3 – Start A Youtube Channel


Now, this has been a big issue for me since I barely had enough time to search and create content for the website. The problem is that I enrolled to an MSc in Computer Science – a domain in which I had no previous knowledge and in the first semester I had to invest a lot of time in order to learn what other people have learned in 3-4 years during their Bachelors.

This problem will only persist for around 2-3 more months at most. When I will finish with it, I will start and work for the Youtube Channel with the goal to create and publish at least 4 videos per month. πŸ˜€


Goal Number 4 – Give a taste to the website


Now, I know that a normal website should be like mine. However, a Successful website should have a taste. It should have a different theme structure, it should tell a story and stuff like this.

I know that mine doesn’t leave that impression yet, but this is because it wasn’t the goal. The goal, inΒ  Phase 1, is to research and create tons of content. πŸ˜€



Those are pretty much all of the goals. I know that they aren’t very “big” and probably they could be completed in less than 2 months if I would really work hard. However, at the moment, time is not my ally. I will try to change this in the following 2 months :D.


What business goals do you have? What personal goals do you have? πŸ™‚

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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