200 Posts -> Checked :D!

Hi, guys!

Great news! I have created over 200 posts… LOL :D.

Over 200 posts! :D

Now, I’ve been watching for a few weeks now and it finally happened :D. I know that to some “big sites”, 200 posts is nothing, but HEEYYY!! I’ve got 200 posts :D. I don’t care 🙂

Indeed, there are websites which have a team of content writers and probably publish 70 posts per week. However, most of their posts are around 2-3 paragraphs and that’s it.

When I first created this website, I never thought that I will create more than 100 posts. When people told me that in a year they have created 60-80 posts, I was pure shocked. At that time I was barely struggling with creating a single post. Who would imagine that I would end up in having over 200 posts in less than a year?  Not me for sure!

For some of you, I know that when it comes to creating content it is very hard. However, what I can assure you is that with time it gets easier. For instance, I ended up to the point where I create 5 posts out of nowhere on the same day. Yeah, some of you might say that those posts aren’t amazing. I agree with you, but even those poor posts help me to cover my weekly publishing schedule.  If they do that, in my opinion, they are good enough. 😀

Initially, when I created the website I estimated that when I will get at 800 posts, I will end up this website. However, just now I start to believe that 800 posts will be just the beginning of a longer journey.

Don’t get scared. You don’t have to create 800 posts as well. Since I am in the MMO niche, I need to create a lot of posts to get ahead of my competition :D. It is either this or paying for ads. Right now, I don’t feel comfortable enough to use Bing/Fb/Google/Twitter ads.

To jump to a conclusion, in the case that you have drawbacks in publishing new content since you don’t feel that you will deliver the “perfect” content, I would tell you to just publish it as it is. You can’t create a perfect post. I can’t create a perfect post. BBC can’t create a perfect post.

In theory, a perfect post would mean something like a post which everyone enjoys. Talking from experience, there will always be someone out there who would have something against you for no actual reason. Just publish your post and you can come back at a later time and update it :).

That’s what I’ve done and I can tell you that I have a lot of posts with over 100 revisions. This is not bad. Quite the contrary, because periodically updating your content will tell the search engines that you verify the news and update your content. This is what they want.

Let’s take an example: Imagine that you have a Cryptocurrency website. How would be if you left the price of Bitcoin at $18,000? Even though right now it is something of $ 13-12k or whatever?

Updating your website periodically is a sign that you take care of your website and of the information which you decide to share with your audience. All the search engines see that and they rank your website better due to it.

That’s all for this post guys. If you have any questions, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!




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