200 Organic Sessions Per Day – DONE!!

Hi, guys!


Today I have awesome news. I’ve been waiting for this moment for months and it finally happened.


Yes, I finally got over 200 organic sessions in a single day. They were all from Google and I am happier than ever :D.


Proof that SEO works


For the beginning, please notice in the right corner that those results are set to organic sessions. Whenever someone searches for something on Google or Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine and clicks on your website, you will receive one organic session.

Now, I would also like you to check the right corner in order to see that all those results are only from a single day, which is 21st December 2017.

So, up to my surprise, I received 214 organic sessions and all of them were from Google. I think that over half of the posts which I published aren’t indexed in the other search engines. I will need to take some time off somewhere in the following month and to index all of my posts in order to solve this issue.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.  I think actually 1 month and a half or even two months. The closest I came was 184 on the 29th of November if I am not mistaking.

This was the first day when I received more than 200+ organic sessions. However, the very next day I have received over 200 unique visitors from the organic sessions :D.

I know there are websites which have this amount of traffic in a minute or even less. However, what I would like to mention is that all this traffic is organic. I never paid for ads on Google/ Bing/ Social media etc. All of the sites which have millions of visitors are using ads. Either online or in the mass media.

When you only focus in receiving traffic from the search engine without paying a single dime, you will receive much less traffic and it will take you an awful amount of time in order to start receiving an organic session.

For example, I think in the first 3 months I only received 20 organic sessions on this website. I was extremely happy when I received my first organic session. I worked so much and to be able to see that all my effort was not in vain was a wake-up call.

I never even imagined that one day I will receive 100 organic sessions. 200 sessions? I think if anyone would’ve told me back in the day that I would’ve received 200 organic sessions in a single day, I would’ve laughed at him… LOL.

I am pretty happy right now. I think that all you need to do is to create content and always to keep publishing the same amount of posts each week, which you’ve published in the previous week. In other terms, you should never decrease the amount of weekly published posts. You should only increase it whenever you feel that you have enough time at your disposal to create more posts.

I will start to work on a guide in which I will show you step by step everything that I do. Including writing posts, publishing indexing and so on. 😀


I hope that I will break the 300 unique visitors somewhere in February/ March. That would be awesome :D.


That’s all for today guys!


Have a nice day,


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