1 review, multiple keywords on page 1 in Google

Hi, guys!


Well, as the title states, I have created a review some time ago and when I checked it out due to the large traffic that it brings to me, I saw that my post is on page 1 of Google for multiple keywords.


So, as you will see in the below pictures, I kinda received a lot of traffic from this post. For me it was unusual and I decided to search on google on Incognito mode for a few keywords that popped in my mind and see if I can find my website in the first 5 pages.

The surprise was when I wrote the first general keyword: What is snuckls, without quotes and I actually found my website on the first page on position 7. That is pretty awesome. I mean c’mon, it is Google, not Yandex, right?


Okay, maybe that was a lucky shot. Therefore, I decided to try again with another general keyword and once again I found my website on the front page of Google on the position 5.

If you look closely at the picture below, you can even see that my website is above the Snuckls’s website. That’s pretty great, LOL!


From now, I decided to test more keywords and to see what are the results. Once again, when I searched on Google in Incognito mode, without quotes, if Snuckls is legit, I found my website on the 6th position above their main website.






From this step, I also decided to check in Google analytics to see what other keywords people used to join my website and when I searched them, I was able to come across my website.







Now, the last pic is in particular interesting since I found my website on page 2 of Google. That actually means that someone out there in the world wrote that particular keyword on Google, got to the second page of Google and joined my website.

I am pretty happy about this. It means that my effort here is not in vain and that Google truly appreciates what I am doing. This is a clear sign for me that I am on the right path. As I wrote in my last post, I kinda realised that in the past month, Google has given me more and more authority whilst the other search engines haven’t. I am a little concerned about this and now I have to spend some time in order to force the other search engines to reevaluate my posts and pages.

Don’t worry if you’re not seeing results yet. It took me a lot to get to this point where Google trusts me and it will take me a lot of more work for me to reach my goals. Just work, belief in yourself and at some point in time you will start seeing results :).

If you got any other questions make sure to share them with me in the comment section below :D!




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